A little island in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is an ancient treasure to archaeologists, historians, and travelers alike. With traces of human history since 10,000 BC, one can say that Cyprus has had quite a bit of time to develop. The island country continues to hold a high Human Development Index rating and draws thousands of tourists to the Mediterranean each year. The dynamic mix of European, African, and Asian cultures makes Cyprus an amazing place to explore. Teachers will be able to immerse themselves in Cypriot life, from tasting the local halloumi cheese to seeking turtles on cascading sand dunes. With its deep history, rich culture, and great people, Cyprus is definitely a great place to teach abroad!

Average Monthly Salary
US $1100
Average Monthly Cost Of Living
US $750 – $1100
Peak Hiring Times
All year round with most hiring occurring in August
Visa Requirements
A Cyprus visa is only required for stays longer than 3 months, but you may need to apply for a work permit to be paid as a teacher in Cyprus.
Australian Government Travel Advice
Exercise normal safety precautions

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