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harry-clements-shepherdWe have a warm and friendly relationship with our graduates and we strive to help you accomplish your TESOL goals.  For your success is our success and our hundreds of students throughout the world are our greatest brand ambassadors.

I have been asked often, why we are so affordable. It’s simple really, we have a commitment to make the world a better place. We do this by giving generously both with $ ( via our Foundation www.ethicalandgreen.org where 100% of every dollar gets to point of need! ) and also by enabling YOU to go out and teach. The more affordable we are, then the more TESOL Teachers we get out there teaching English.

I tell this story very often of the little Mexican boy, who based his business on just three words of English. “Shoe Shine Mister?” What empowerment, he could raise money and help his family. What are you doing to help the world? Below are just a few of the hundreds of endorsements we proudly hold, knowing that we are ‘changing lives for the better’ is a privilege. Come and join us in our journey of TESOL, its rewarding and its fun!

We are proud of what we do to help others in less privileged circumstances, by providing TESOL qualified graduates and also proud of what our graduates say about their experiences with us and beyond.

Harry Clements-Shepherd

CEO of English Explorer Pty Ltd

Mat WorrelThank you Harry and all at EE,

Wow I am so excited. This is my certificate to travel and more importantly assist the poorer children attain English speaking skills. I plan to volunteer throughout Asia and teach children in orphanages.

I appreciate your patience in me in finishing this course and hope to make some good of it.

I haven’t yet contacted your friend in Kathmandu as of yet but will do soon once I know when I am to start this adventure.

Thanks again


Hi Harry, my thanks to you and the EE team you are all awesome!!

I have been teaching for over six years now

in Australia and want to head out into less affluent societies. I am so very pleased to have completed your excellent course, it is well thought out, logical and the support has been terrific. I have hung my new credentials in my classroom and ‘show them off’ at any opportunity.

Again my thanks and I have to say for the first time studying has been non threatening due to it being about reaching proficiency not passing exams.

Cheers mate

Hi Harry,

About three months ago I applied for an English-teaching job, I included in my CV English Explorer TESOL Advanced Certificate and I got accepted. I started work the following week after I applied. Now that I have my TESOL Diploma, I’m going to update my CV and report it to my employer.
I’m glad I took this TESOL with you. The lessons that I learned have helped me in my teaching.
I also took Lesley’s advice and am working harder than before on my grammar now.



Dear Harry

Thanks to your organisation I have completed a one-year contract in Fujian Province, China.

It was an amazing and wonderful experience thanks to you.

I am keen to continue with teaching overseas. Can you and your organisation assist?

Futher, for your information, I was employed as a Teacher in Seoul, South Korea during August 2005-August 2006. And, thanks to your organisation, I also completed a one- year contract in Fujian Province, China.

Looking forward to your email.

Kind regards

Colin LorraineHi Linda,
Lovely to hear from you, so your planning on coming to China to teach, when do you intend coming?

It is a wonderful experience, this school is very good and provide many extras that we have heard are not offered at other schools. Most of the teachers are aged fron early twenties through to mid thirties, not counting me and Colin, compared to the rest we are right off the richter scale, but we get included in all activities and feel terrific about being here as the life style is great.

Have you done any travel at all through Asia, if not it may take a little adjusting to the food and a few customs but it is pretty well developed and quite modern, with most items you need available here.

Most of the teachers are contracted to work 100 hours a month about 25 per week, so far Colin and myself and most of the other teachers dont work that much at all, however you still get paid for the 100 hours, the most I have worked is 92 hours and Colin averages about 70 a month, if you get adult teaching that is in the evenings for 2 hours, maybe wednesday, thursday or friday nights, then everyone works 8 hours saturday and about 6 – 8 on sunday and these are all childrens classes.

It just takes a litlle time to adjust, mainly your thinking, once you accept it as this is the way it is, then you tend to cope a bit better. The school is located in the city centre and there is a gym in the same building that you will have full membership to, its great fully equipped with weight machines of all sorts, they have aerobic classes almost daily, dance classes and bellydancing classes and Yoga, they are open 7 days a week from 8.00am to 11.00pm.

The accomodation is very good, we have been to several of the teachers apartments and all are modern in security buildings with decent furnishings, ours is great, one of the largest of all, but the outside of ours is a bit grotty, but we are very happy here, all the neighbours although cant speak english are very friendly and greet us when they see us. we have never felt unsafe since we have been here and have not witnessed or heard of any problems with theft or any other issues.

There is plenty of time to travel and see the country, only problem is that when we get time off so does the rest of China, so it can be a little overwhelming with the crowds. For the three day xmas break we are flying to Hai Nan island for the 4 days its only an hour flight, so there is huge opportunities to see heaps, two of the other teachers went to Macau this morning on the bus, so if you are alone there is plenty of teachers to go out with and do things. Most will let everyone know what there planning and anyone can jion in these trips, so you will certainly never feel isolated or lonely.

The best advice we can offer is -PACK YOUR BAGS AND COME ON OVER, the experience will be priceless.

We hope this has been of some help, and please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with, if there is anything specific you want us to clarify for you just let us know.

PS, give that Joel and Sarah a big hug from us.

Regards Leonie & Colin

Thanks Harry. It’s been a pleasure. I will encourage anyone who is interested to sign up with English Explorer for sure.

At the moment I teach 2 students on Monday nights and 3 others on Friday nights for personal experience. I’m enjoying it so much I can’t wait until I go overseas. Planning to leave late this year and start fresh in Japan early next year. Just saving up a lot of money before I go.

How did your trip go in China? Hope it was good

Anyways you take it easy and I’ll chat with you later.


Dear Harry,

Thank you for the Certificate and letter of reference. I appreciate your speedy reaction! I appreciate the fact that I can always revisit the course content – that could come in very handy!

I have enjoyed the course and will recommend it to anyone who might be interested.

Best wishes
Ronel Schwartz (Johanna)

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