Conditions of Sale

Cost & Payment

The Course Cost is as posted on our website in $AUD and may be changed without prior notice. The operative cost at enrolment will be that posted at opening of business on the day of enrolment. This includes a non refundable administration fee of $320. Fees are payable in full at the level enrolled for before any units will be made available. Payment by programmed instalments of $50 per week, or higher, can be negotiated.

Dispatch of registration information, ie user name password etc enabling course commencement is normally within 48 business hours of clearing payment. The course is considered to be commenced once these are issued.

Payment can be made by Money Transfer, Cash, Postal Note, Bank Cheque, Visa or Master Card and will be requested at the time of enrolment.

Once payment is processed no card details are stored for later retrieval.

Group Discounts

These are available and can be negotiated for large groups.


Once the student has been issued with a password and logon they are deemed to have commenced the course. Our refund policy is that once the course has been commenced no refund is given, (credits towards later course participation can be negotiated) unless there is overwhelming evidence (medical or legal) that the student is and in the future will be, incapable of course completion. NB The administration fee will not be refunded.

Each such case is treated individually.

Clients Financial Standing and Our Obligations

Clients that come to us ‘referred’ (ie. They are contracted and pay their fees for EE services to a referee who is not a part of English Explorer Pty Ltd [EE] or in any way associated with EE excepting as formal or informal agent ). This referee is then regarded by EE as being solely responsible directly to their client in all matters relating to the course of enrolment. EE has no direct responsibility to the client, excepting tutoring and assessing, providing always that clients course fees have been received by EE. If fees are delayed or unpaid for any reason, then all responsibility by EE to deliver training or graduation is null and void. EE accepts absolutely no responsibility to provide instruction or assessment, to give refunds or be in any way responsible for course completion or graduation or any such related matter, if the referee or their client defaults for any reason on payments due to EE. Should the referee become insolvent or for any reason close their business with client fees unpaid to EE for course delivery, in such instances EE have no liability to the referees client and the EE conditions of sale remain in effect.

These conditions are not punitive, as EE will always be sympathetic, at their absolute discretion, towards late or delayed payments where prior consultation takes place, but EE reserves the right to withdraw client support indefinitely, where payment exceeds a 90day due date. Further more this applies to all clients regardless of the introductory channel. EE will negotiate, again, at their absolute discretion to reinstate a suspended client on appeal, always provided that outstanding course fees have been met.

Should EE decide to close its business for any reason, then enrolled clients have 90 days [ which is generous ] to complete their course of study from notification [ via the EE Home Page ] of such closure. In such a case any clients who have not negotiated an extension of time for course completion -which EE are not obliged to give – will be deemed inactive and lapsed. In such a case EE has no further obligation.

Job Search, Support Guarantee

We will support your job search in the following manner:

  • At satisfactory completion of the course you will be awarded a TESOL Certificate [at the level of completion] and also given a course transcript as well as a letter of reference from us.
  • You will have received advice, in your course manual, regarding making job applications. Following this advice is necessary or we cannot support you.
  • We will give you a our current Job Search booklet of some fifty or more pages as a part of your enrolment package. This contains general information by country as well as contact details with known institutions for employment as a TESOL teacher. Further to this we will consult our Data Base for known contacts in any country of your choice, so long as you fulfil work visa requirements.
  • We will accept and respond within 24hrs to any enquiries made directly to us where you have used us as a referee.

There are many countries where no prior educational qualification or university degree is required to find work as a TESOL teacher. Being a ‘Native Speaker’ will be a distinct advantage in these countries, however proficient teachers will not be disadvantaged by being non ‘Native Speakers’. Countries that fall into the category described are typically:

  • Africa, China, Central America’s, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Mexico, Russian Republics, ‘The Stans’ and the ‘Slovak’s’, Vietnam.

Countries where a university degree [any faculty] will most likely be required are typically:

  • Europe [EU passport also likely to be required], Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea.

Brunei, and all of the Gulf States will additionally require you to be an experienced teacher. However they also reward you well in recognition.

Where a student can show compelling evidence of active job searching, over a continuous three month period. Has despatched thirty or more applications in our recommended format and received no offers of employment in any country, then we will appoint a personal advisor to assist them for a further three months.

Our job support guarantee is restricted to Native Speakers of English and those whom we deem to be ‘competent second language speakers’ who have no speech impediment nor other employment disadvantage, and it is not country specific.

The only prerequisite for the Certificate Courses is that you speak English fluently and clearly. To be successful in the Diploma and Advanced Diplomas in TESOL an IELTS band score of seven or better is a good guide.

Where it becomes obvious that a student is not coping with the work, the company reserves the right to place that student On Hold. This means that they are deactivated for a twelve month period, during which time they should work at improving their language ability and then apply for reinstatement. They will be able to recommence the course at their leave off point for no additional cost or loss of accrued status. A course Transcript will be issued and any previous levels of achievement, in the course to date, will be certificated.

For any disputes arising, these are to be settled by a member of the Arbitration Association of WA in Perth, under the laws of Western Australia.

Documentation and Record Keeping Formalities

Where a request is made for changes to a student’s record before graduation records are published, then a fee of $25aud applies for each document changed, NB that three documents are issued at graduation, i) Certificate ii) Course Transcript iii) Reference Letter.

After graduation records have been published then a fee of $50 applies to each record reissued.

In ALL cases a supporting statutory declaration must be forwarded by the student, explaining the circumstances that lead to the request, ie marriage, documents lost, etc. Acceptance of the request is normally handled within a working week, but no guarantee is given for the time necessary to reprocess documents and payment of charges must be made before the matter will progress.

Limited by Time

English Explorer TESOL courses do have a “limited by time” component. Keeping a sense of continuity and following a line of thinking does require continuity and familiarity. We know that there is an average time for completion, but this does not suit all circumstances. Also we appreciate that in some cases personal circumstances cause a disruption to plans. Therefore we do not close any users out at any stage, however we do declare a “limited by time” support system. What this means is that if after a period of six months from commencement you have not completed your study units with us, we no longer have an obligation to give support, after a period of twelve months you are classified an “non active” and if we need user space you can be deleted from the DB. Any later re-registration will be at full fee value. In this latter case you lose all rights to any records or status with us. All of the penalties attached to these conditions CAN be avoided by prior communication.