Switzerland – the land of chocolate, cheese and cuckoo clocks. The beauty of this country lies not just in its wonderful produce, but in its cultures, geography and economy. Switzerland is well located in the cradle of its neighboring countries of France, Italy, Germany and Austria. This not only provides easy access and limitless holiday ideas, but it also means that Switzerland is a blend of multiculturalism and colors.

If the idea of learning several languages while you teach your own does not tempt you, then perhaps the possibility of spending cold winters skiing down one of the greatest mountain ranges in the world, or whiling summertime away sailing and swimming in one of Switzerland’s gorgeous lakes, will. With so much to offer, Switzerland will definitely leave you with an unforgettable teach abroad experience.

Switzerland is one of the most delightful countries in Europe with stunning landscapes and a pleasant, orderly urban environment. TESOL salaries are high but so are living costs. However, an excellent standard of living is possible for native English speakers. As per usual, it is difficult for non-EU nationals to find work here due to legal regulations (unless they happen to be married to a Swiss national!) There is considerable demand for Business English classes with native speakers.

Average Monthly Salary
US $1500 – $3000
Average Monthly Cost Of Living
High – accommodation, food and transport. But, then again, the standard of living is very high too.
Peak Hiring Times
All year round.
Visa Requirements
A work permit (“B” permit) is required to live and work in Switzerland. While it is possible to visit Switzerland on a three month tourist visa to search for work, this is risky and pointless without the right authorization. Information on how to apply for the work permit can be found on the Swiss Federal Migration website.
Australian Government Travel Advice
Exercise normal safety precautions

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