Made up of 33 islands in the Persian Gulf, Bahrain is an recent oil-rich country, celebrating its newfound success. Today, it is home to upscale malls and hotels, and even hosts a Formula 1 race annually. Known as the more “relaxed” Arab nation in the region, Bahrain boasts beautiful coasts and is an ideal destination for any beach-lover. Many foreigners are beginning to migrate for work in Bahrain, as salaries are tax-free and temperatures are summery and warm year-round.

Bahrain is an attractive destination for those wishing to take a break from other, less liberal, Arab nations. Indeed, over half of the inhabitants are from other countries. Teaching English can be very lucrative in Bahrain, whether at a language centre, university or with the British Council. Experience is essential and many employers require at least three years. The majority of the work is in Manama but you may find occasional openings in smaller towns.

Average Monthly Salary
US $1500 – $3000
Average Monthly Cost Of Living
Bahrain’s cost of living is moderate; however, teachers will receive compensated housing and airfare
Peak Hiring Times
Visa Requirements
Work permits must be arranged before you arrive in Bahrain. This can take several weeks and must be done in conjunction with your employer.
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