Kuwait’s oil industry makes it one of the world’s richest nations and also one of the most expensive in which to live. For the experienced, there are well-paid opportunities in the country (especially since income tax is 0%) but many teachers complain of discipline issues with financially-privileged students. The conservative culture can be incredibly stifling for non-Muslims who are expected to live in accordance with Muslim rules. On the plus side, the crime rate is low and the salaries are high.

An oil-rich country with a tumultuous modern history, Kuwait experienced a speedy economic turnaround after its participation in the Second Gulf War. Currently one of the wealthiest nations in the Middle East, Kuwait is home to a great deal of foreigners looking to snag a piece of the action. This small country, made of desert and beach landscapes, is an ideal destination for those interested in Arab culture and do not mind year-long sunshine!

Average Monthly Salary
US $1800 – $3700
Average Monthly Cost Of Living
US $1000 – $1500
Peak Hiring Times
Visa Requirements
A written application, employment document and fees are required to apply for Kuwaiti Visa.
Australian Government Travel Advice
Exercise a high degree of caution

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