From an Amsterdam coffee shop on a rainy day, to Queen’s Day celebrations with friends, the country’s identity is woven around this one, untranslatable, Dutch word: “gezelligheid.” (The best definition we could come up with is a mix between “cozy” and “fun.”)

Known for their social tolerance, bicycle-culture, and obsession with the color orange, the Dutch are also renowned for their excellence at speaking English. The Netherlands ranked second in the world’s English Proficiency Index, a 2011 study done by a UK organization, Education First. So now the obvious question: Does the country even need foreign English teachers?

While there isn’t an urgent demand for English teachers in this little country, if you have the right qualifications, there are ways of finding teaching jobs in the Netherlands.

Average Monthly Salary
US $1000 – $2500
Average Monthly Cost Of Living
No matter what your salary is, get ready to pay some high taxes (they hover at around 30% to 40%). The country spends a lot on social services, and the standard of living is very high, with a low poverty level. Like most of Western Europe, the Netherlands can be expensive
Peak Hiring Times
The best times to get hired are in August and December, several weeks before the school year starts each September and January.
Visa Requirements
It’s very challenging for someone without EU citizenship to find a legal job in the Netherlands, as most schools want to hire British or Irish citizens. This is because they can work throughout the European Union’s 27 countries without a work permit. If you’re not an EU citizen, you will need a work visa as well as a residency permit. Since work visas are arranged through your employer, it’s usually advised to have a job set up before you arrive. EU citizens only need a residence permit, which can be obtained after arrival in the Netherlands.
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