Located in Southeastern Europe, Bulgaria is known for its coffee, black sand beaches, and picturesque mountain ranges. However, the country is facing a demographic crisis, as birth rates are rapidly decreasing, and many young people relocate abroad. As a result, many Bulgarian businesses are going head-to-head with international companies, in order to retain and create jobs for the younger work force.

Today, full-time English language instruction and classes are in incredibly high demand, so that the Bulgarian market can have a competitive edge in the region. Even so, Bulgaria has some of Europe’s top scores in reading and writing, as it is known to hold high educational standards for its students. ESL teachers will find work in Bulgaria to be rewarding and the country itself to be enchanting and physically stunning.

Average Monthly Salary
US $500 – $800
Average Monthly Cost Of Living
US $500 – $800
Peak Hiring Times
September and January
Visa Requirements
You’re best to arrange a Work Visa through your employer (as it is difficult to receive residence permit on own).
Australian Government Travel Advice
Exercise normal safety precautions

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