English-language learning, especially with native teachers, is in great demand in Hungary, at all levels–primary and secondary school, colleges and universities, business English and private tutoring. Having been admitted to the European Union in 2004, Hungary is quickly expanding in areas such as industry, transportation, media, and the Arts, and in many more exciting ways.

Ferihegy Airport in Budapest is the hub when flying into Hungary, and from there you can connect to short flights or bus terminals that offer international and intercity transportation by bus or to train stations that connect to major nearby cities.

Most of the jobs are in Budapest, Debrecen, Miskolc, Szeged, Szolnok and other major cities. You will find that this is a nice country to live in, and with lot of things to do. Most of the jobs are part-time, but you can still have a chance to teach full-time in some big organizations. The cost of living is cheap.

Average Monthly Salary
US $670 – $900
Average Monthly Cost Of Living
US $600 – $900
Peak Hiring Times
Early Spring and early Autumn for the following semester
Visa Requirements
Most institutes or schools will help you file the visa paperwork
Australian Government Travel Advice
Exercise normal safety precautions

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