Once a colony of Germany, and later South Africa, Namibia is a mixed bag of Southern African and European cultures and languages. This diversity is celebrated, despite the country’s modern struggles with political intervention. English is the country’s official language, and although widely spoken, many people lack proper grammar and reading skills; Namibians often learn the commonly spoken Oshiwambo at home. Additionally, Namibia is home to beautiful scenery, comprised of a coast, deserts, and wildlife reserves. Experience the dynamism of Namibia’s natural sceneries as you assist students in the improvement of not only English proficiency, but also computer literacy and health education.

Average Monthly Salary
US $350 (as a volunteer)
Average Monthly Cost Of Living
Basic goods are cheap, but imports are pricey
Peak Hiring Times
Visa Requirements
You must apply for Namibian residence permit (with help from your employer)
Australian Government Travel Advice
Exercise normal safety precautions

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