An interesting combination of more than a dozen West African cultures and influences from it’s days as a French colony, Senegal provides travelers not only with a stimulating assortment of cities and landscapes, but also a diversity of languages and cultures. For teachers, this makes for an incredibly rich environment to work within: you have the option of teaching French or English, and you get to live inside a cultural melting pot. No matter if you spend your time in the nation’s lively capital Dakar, or Saint-Louis (the first French settlement), you will undoubtedly come face-to-face with many fascinating foods, communities, and traditions.

Average Monthly Salary
US $2200
Average Monthly Cost Of Living
Varies by location; rural areas much cheaper compared to Dakar cost of living.
Peak Hiring Times
All year round.
Visa Requirements
Apply for visa through embassy if stay is longer than 90 days.
Australian Government Travel Advice
Exercise a high degree of caution

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