Let the distinct culture of invigorating Morocco put you on the map as a learning traveller as well as a teaching foreigner. Morocco is a booming destination within the tourism industry, constantly introducing new construction and businesses. The advancements being made in the industrial economy has Morocco promoting the English language country-wide, which has posted a sudden high demand on English teachers. Why not teach in a land where there is so much to learn.

The traveller’s journey is much different than the working environment in Morocco, which isn’t always a ‘walk on the beach,’ although you can do just that in between school days! The working week runs from Monday to Friday, typically commencing at around 9:00 in the morning and ending mid afternoon. If you so choose, there are opportunities for extra tutoring in the evening and/or weekends. Otherwise the extra time is for you to dedicate to the pulse of Morocco; set on a quest to enjoy the ancient culture, raw beauty of the land, and bask in the delightful company of the locals.

Average Monthly Salary
US $600 – $1000
Average Monthly Cost Of Living
US $600 – $1000
Peak Hiring Times
All year round.
Visa Requirements
A Work Visa is required.
Australian Government Travel Advice
Exercise a high degree of caution

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