When presented with the option of teaching in Saudi Arabia, one might think, “what?!” However, this dynamic country is in need of more teachers, sparked by an initiative of the government to introduce the English language to university students. In Hollywood and Western media, Saudi Arabia often gets lumped into the generalized image of the Middle East. Though, this ally of the United States is an oil-rich country that has experienced rapid economic growth, alleviating much of its peoples out of poverty. With this, many Saudi students, young and old, are hoping to capture a slice of Saudi Arabia’s recent success; they can do so by learning and practicing English. Help break down stereotypes of this country by teaching English to eager students and sharing your experiences in Saudi Arabia!

Average Monthly Salary
US $1350 – $4000
Average Monthly Cost Of Living
US $2150
Peak Hiring Times
Spring / Summer time (since the school-year begins in late August).
Visa Requirements
You need proof of employment and copy of contract to apply for a Work Visa.
Australian Government Travel Advice
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