Puerto Rico is a beautiful Caribbean island which is part of the US commonwealth and home to a lot of international businesses. An unincorporated territory of the United States, with Spanish, African, and Caribbean influences, Puerto Rico celebrates its multicultural practices and identities. It sees a large number of tourists who flock to the white, sandy beaches.

English is an official language but less than 20% of Puerto Ricans are fluent so expect discussions about whether you are teaching EFL or ESL. The level of demand for native speakers is moderate but expect considerable competition from other experienced teachers already living in the territory.

TESOL salaries are some of the best in Latin America but living costs are moderate and you certainly won’t be able to save much each month. As in most Latin American countries the students are lively and sociable and therefore a pleasure to teach. If you are experienced, persistent and hard-working then you may be lucky to find one of the really well-paid positions, such as those at local universities and English-only schools, which offer excellent holidays and contract packages.

Average Monthly Salary
US $1000 – $2000
Average Monthly Cost Of Living
The cost of living in Puerto Rico is similar to the United States.
Peak Hiring Times
All year round.
Visa Requirements
A Work Visa is required which is usually arranged through your employer.
Australian Government Travel Advice
Exercise normal safety precautions

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