Latin America is a rapidly growing region with rich culture and vastly different regions. Ecuador is no exception, with the Andes, the coast line, and the Jungle you can find any type of city imaginable in this beautiful country that straddles the equator. The culture in Ecuador is warm and welcoming. You will surely make friends and your students will appreciate your knowledge and the novelty of having a gringo teacher.

Ecuador recently adopted the US dollar as its currency, which largely stabilized the economy. Ecuadorians know that in order to enter the ever globalizing job market English is a huge asset, so demand is high, especially for native speakers. If teaching in a beautiful country surrounded by mountains or the jungle, or on the coast with the Galapagos islands just a short flight away then Ecuador is the place for you!

Average Monthly Salary
US $400 – $600
Average Monthly Cost Of Living
US $400 – $600
Peak Hiring Times
All year round.
Visa Requirements
You need a visa to work officially. Like most countries in Latin America, however you can be hired just on your tourist visa. This can be dangerous though, as you will have no way of protecting yourself from your employer. If your employer is willing to help you with your work visa that is a VERY good sign about how legitimate the company is.
Australian Government Travel Advice
Exercise a high degree of caution

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