Belize, a former British colony, is the only Central American country whose official language is English. Though, it may seem easy to transition into the country, and many travelers fear that they will not get the traditional go-abroad experience in Belize. However, this notion is incorrect as Belize is diverse in not only its cultures but also its languages (as over 30% of the population speak Spanish).

Belize is actually an ideal teach abroad destination. With so many of the students already able to speak the language, you won’t have to deal with the traditional language barriers that face many ESL teachers. This means you’ll be able to hit the ground running and make a serious impact!

Average Monthly Salary
US $1800 – $2200
Average Monthly Cost Of Living
US $1400 – $1800
Peak Hiring Times
Visa Requirements
Those staying longer than 30 days need to have their passports stamped by local immigration office.
Australian Government Travel Advice
Exercise a high degree of caution



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