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Teach English in Chile

TESOL in Chile

The demand for English teachers in Chile is high. General English and Business English are very popular. Normally English teachers will choose to teach in private language schools and companies where they can get good pay. Most jobs tend to be part-time, and salaries range from approximately $310-$390USD per month.

It is in the Southern South America, bordering the South Pacific Ocean, between Argentina and Peru.

Popular cities: Santiago, Antofagasta

Local currency: Chile Pesos-CLP

Cost of living: Very cheap

Key teaching areas:General English, Business English

Where to teach:

  • Private Language Schools
  • In-company

Qualification Requirements

A TESOL certificate is required.

Salary Range

Most jobs tend to be part-time, and salaries range from $310-$390USD per month.

Visa Requirements

A work visa is required.

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