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Hong Kong is a part
of China

Harry finds a local contact on the ground in China invaluable.

Before one talks of the Chinese mainland it would be remiss not to mention Hong Kong, which is the usual gate for many arrivals. Hong Kong island is to me the equivalent of the upmarket side of London, excepting for the number of oriental persons passing by.


English Alliance School, Dunguan, China.

An interesting Scotsman.

English Alliance School’s owner and head Dr William Soong is an interesting person. He was born in China but spent much of his young life growing up in Edinburgh, consequently you are faced with a person of obvious Chinese parentage who then addresses you in perfect English complete with mild Scottish accent.



Andrew O'Connell

I had always taken the language I speak for granted. I had no idea that the English language could be so interesting and that it had such a rich and colourful history! I started teaching English as a foreign language around 5 years ago. Interestingly, one of the first things I realised I needed to do as a teacher of English was to go back and learn English myself!


Aceh and Nias

A Tribute to the People of Aceh and Nias

I seem to have always had the name of Mixed Moss lurking in the back of my mind as I have rolled around the world over the last twenty years or so, dwelling on all sorts of mixed thoughts


Peoples’ Republic of China, Heenan Province

Sanmenxia Shoujun High School

Sanmenxia Shoujun High School is privately owned and caters for around 3000 students. It is situated in Heenan Province one of Chinas most populous and near the rural town of Louang.


In demand in Italy

Lisa discovers three job offers in one day.

I thought getting a job in Italy might be a challenge. However just three days after I arrived in Milan, I had job offers from three language schools. I simply looked for language schools in the phone book and faxed them my resume. In fact, getting a job had never been easier.


Jenny Chenik

My Experience Teaching English as a Second Language

I was 21 years old, and was fortunate to have the opportunity to go to Japan and teach English at a private language school. I stumbled upon this job by accident as I was just about to graduate university after four years of studying a Bachelor of Commerce degree and a Bachelor of Arts in Tourism degree. Teaching had never crossed my mind, let alone teaching English as a Second Language in a foreign country.


Don't overlook Taiwan

Jessica encourages others to consider Taiwan.

Taiwan is an underrated destination for travelers and quite possibly the best place in Asia to teach English. First, there’s the money and then the island’s insatiable demand for teachers. Taiwan's other attractions include bustling cities which never sleep.


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